Welcome to CTM!

The Cameroon Traveler Magazine (CTM) is a magazine for the travel enthusiasts interested in Cameroon. The magazine is committed to the promotion of cameroon and aim to be a platform to profile cameroon’s travel destinations and guides. The Cameroon Travel and Leisure Organization, through its magazines, books, and editorial content, will be a vessel to inform travelers about destinations and the treasures and beauty in people, places music, art and cultures of Cameroon in a manner that will encourage travel, discovery and curiosity in people around the world and in Cameroon.

Cameroon Travel Magazine’s digital options: an asset for your business

Cameroon Travel Magazine is instantly available in digital form, keeping up with 21st century technology, CTM can be read on any computer, mobile device, or tablet such as iPad. Instantly, your audience expands globally giving you more exposure within seconds of being published! Following are the three ways our digital version can presently be viewed:


Cameroon Travel Magazine can already be read on all android mobile devices because it is published using Flash technology. The iOS version is available but is still on a beta testing mode which makes the magazine instantly available on iPads and iPhones.


You can instantly browse and read the digital edition of the magazine or download it on your for offline viewing. On the computer, you will need the Adobe Flash ® plugin installed on your browser in order to maximize your reading experience. If you choose to download the copy unto your computer, all you will need is a standard PDF reader to view the magazine’s PDF file you’ve downloaded, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader ®. You can also view the magazine online on the issuu platform, using the flash technology.


CTM digital version can be instantly viewed on all WebOS, Android and iOS devices.

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