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  1. The Cover page looks great!

  2. very beautiful

  3. great initiative!

  4. Leaugah Doh // July 24, 2015 at 3:09 am // Reply

    Leaugah Divine Doh was born in June 1, 1984 in the riverine littoral
    region of cameroon . The 10th of 11 children born from the union
    between Esther Genah Doh, who has invested her entire life in
    agriculture and the late Christopher Lea Doh who retired as a
    police superintendant ( Commissioner ) died in 2014 . His dead left
    Divine very devastated . Both parents hail from Baligham Village north
    west region Cameroun.

    Divine has successfully gone through all the academic hurdles that
    laid his way as he strove for academic achievement. He attended
    renovation primary school mabanda-Douala from 1991-1997 and obtained
    the first school leaving certificate , Goverment Bilingual secondary
    School mabanda – Douala from 1998-2004 and obtained the ordinary level
    certificate , Goverment Bilingual high school mankon-Bamenda 2004-2007
    and obtained the advance level cetificate.

    He failed to gain admission into the university of Douala –Cameroon
    where he intended to pursue a degree in economics due to late
    submission of requirements. But as providence will want it, he
    applied for the US diversity Visa and was selected . He travelled to
    the united states in 2009 where he continued his studies. While in the
    USA, divine travelled to study nursing but for some personal reasons
    decided to withdraw. He travelled back to Dallas and enrolled in KD
    Studio to study acting . This Programma lasted 15 months

    In 2013, he graduated and obatained an associate degree in fine arts.
    As a student in KD Studio, he performed in several stage plays and
    featured in the highly rated theatre called the ‘ CUTTER ‘ wriiten by
    Dion Cooke and directed by John S Davis.
    In 2014, he obtain US Citizenship . In this same year he took an
    online programme on website design in the piedmont college North
    Carolina. He obtained an online certification for website design at
    the end of the course.

    After all these years of education toil, Divine decided it was time to
    give meaning to his passion music. As a young boy growing he showed
    excessive passion for music both by performing with mates at his
    father’s Village club and alsoby enjoying standout cuts of Afrobeats
    and tecno music from the west. He particularly had a special liking
    for the hit ‘ believe’ by mega star cher .He will listen to it over
    and over without getting tired. He also gave his ears to a ride range
    of different genres.

    Divine arrival in the USA in 2009 was the perfect setting for him to
    honour his craft , fine tune his talents ,broaden his experience and
    above all sharing with the music world. After a 3 years academic spell
    to enrich his intellectual and proffessional proficiency it was time
    to respond to his calling .

    Divine has engaged with a Dallas based studio called FIFTY FIFTY.
    Their collaboration has aleady yielded 5 great songs and an album is
    expected to be release by the end of 2015.Divine seem to be making a
    name for himself just after 6 years inthe USA as he gradually builds
    his fan base. He just performed in Adsinthe Lounge bar Dallas upon an
    invitation from a friend casey shriender.

    The road to sustainable success might be long and rugged but the zeal,
    enthousiasm and passion expressed by Divine shows he has what it takes
    to reach the end .

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