What is the definition of a good marriage?

If one were to take a random sample anywhere about people’s desire for a marriage, a good marriage, the answer will be a resounding ‘yes!‘ Everyone who is not already married wants it. But, what does a good marriage consist of? Many things indeed, none of which is unfaithfulness. I have never understood why married people choose to ‘go out’. Even more baffling are single women who make it a hobby to have very serious relationships with married men, with full knowledge of their status. I wonder what the end game is.
Some single women find it ‘hot’ to date married men because these men are “settled and responsible.” If that is someone’s desire, she shouldn’t end up wailing on someone else’s shoulders about their ‘bad luck‘, all the while cursing single men for not stepping up. Poor bachelors! Sorry guys, but it is a vicious cycle. There is no beginning to it and even if there was, it is lost. Who is to blame? The adulterous man, the single lady or the bachelor? Everyone indeed.
The person who stands to lose the most, though, is the single lady. The adulterous husband will repent and make peace with his wife, leaving single lady with a broken heart and, potentially, a pregnancy, which he will deny. That is, until he one day discovers that this very denial is the source of his problems. The bachelor may ‘out of nowhere‘ marry a ‘small‘ girl in town for reasons known to him alone, leaving single lady licking her wounds.
Sometimes, it seems that life is really unfair to women. We are on a biological clock and still have to maintain our dignity as women, but we know life is fair. Everyone has mountains and valleys, and if someone claims he or she doesn’t, it is a lie.
The testimony of married women should be an encouragement for you, single sister, that you are not forgotten. Somewhere, there is someone you complete, and that someone also completes you. There will come a day, God willing, when you will make those vows 🙂


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