27 Weddings and No Ring To Show For Them!

©  Deborah Kolb (123rf)

© Deborah Kolb (123rf)

I once watched a popular Hollywood movie title “27 dresses.” This movie depicted a single white lady who was a wedding planner. Because she was always one of the invitees to these weddings, her wardrobe was full of bridesmaids’ attires (aka ashuabi). On one occasion, she had two weddings going on at the same time. What she did was attend one for a few hours, then hop in a taxi to the next one, which happened to be an Indian wedding. Upon returning to the first wedding, which was an American couple, she forgot to clean off the mark on her forehead. A mark Indians, especially women, are known to wear. It was only when a friend of hers point it out to her that she cleaned it off. Of course, she didn’t say she was at another wedding. She attended 27 weddings, and every single one of them a bridesmaid, which brings to mind the expression “always a bridesmaid, never a bride.”

We all know it won’t be a perfect Hollywood fairy-tale if she didn’t meet her “Prince Charming.” She did and on their wedding, all 27 brides for whom she had been a bridesmaid, attended, dressed in their bridesmaid’s attire. Quite romantic.

While this may be absolutely fascinating as a movie, a real life story of this kind is not funny. If a single lady were to attend 27 weddings as a bridesmaid, something is definitely wrong. She needs new friends. Single friends or even married ones. Not those who are engaged or something like that. I cannot imagine someone going through this with a smile on their face. Oh! The talk in town. Every person in town will refer to you by “that girl who attends all weddings” instead of calling your name. I don’t think anyone would remember your name anyway.

Please ladies, if there is anyone out there who has made hunting for men at wedding ceremonies a duty. Take stock to see how many you have attended already, and if these were people close to your heart. If it is up to 27, please stop and look somewhere else. I mean, if you were driving to Douala from Buea and three days later you still hadn’t made it to Douala, I am sure anyone would figure that you are lost. If you have been to up to 27 weddings, they are not a good place for you to search for Mr right… Unless your family has up to 27 people, who are all ready to marry and are marrying. Otherwise, quit doing that. Getting carried away with movies is something common. I remember some people I knew began changing their names to “Fiona” after the movie “Shrek” came out.

My single sisters out there, life is not a movie so please, don’t make it one. Don’t imagine meeting prince charming at a wedding just because Hollywood said so. For all you know, he could be your plumber, electrician, the guy at the market from whom you buy your meat, the driver who often takes you to town. You may meet him in a shop, at church or even in a hospital. He may be putting on bathroom slippers, instead of a high-end pair of shoes. It is not about meeting a nicely dressed guy that might ask you out though that might be helpful. Surely, the connection entails much more than the physical appearance. So sisters, shine your eyes!


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