Seme Beach: A Tropical Paradise (Slideshow included)

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Have you been to Seme Beach yet? If not, maybe you should. If you are looking for a place to spend your end of the year vacation, this is it.  This is the place to be if you are looking for a peaceful, yet entertaining getaway on a Cameroonian beach. The sand here may not be gold like Kribi’s, but dark chocolate sand has its own charm, which is rarely replicated anywhere else. Located slightly of out the city centre toward Idanau and right at the foot of Mount Cameroon, Seme Beach is arguably the best beach resort complex in the country.  From the warmth of the staff to the calm atmosphere in this resort, you will feel welcomed and compelled to stay.

This modest 3-star hotel offers more than the number of stars affixed at its entrance. The resort has all sorts of amenities to keep customers happy. Now part of the Minotel network and with its well maintained beach and lawn, its mineral water swimming pool and canal, the inviting horses, the tennis courts the kids’ playgrounds, as well as the world-class KerSpa, loner, couples and family alike looking for fun-filled vacation will enjoy this place.

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The beach at this resort is well-kept by the hotel staff. Lifeguards are on permanent duty from the early hours of the day till sunset, when the beach is open, and are attentive to swimmers needs. Those who are not tempted to make run at the sea have other options: swimming pool, horseback riding, tennis, table tennis, spa etc. are available. Fetching spring water from the flank of Chars of the Gods, a fresh water pool was built on the resort along with a canal for those who enjoy canoeing and kayaking. This is a unique feature that no others hotel or resort has been able to replicate.
KerSpa, the only complete and technologically up to date spa in the entire sub region has been added to the list of the hotel amenities. KerSpa offers anything from basic pedicure and manicure, to more complex services such steam rooms and therapeutic massages, all in a brand new state of the art facility. KerSpa is the only one of its kind in the entire CEMAC region.
When you add to the list of amenities the restaurant, the specialties gift shops and the disco, Seme is a complete resort with pretty much everything one could look for. With prices ranging from 25,000 to 50,000 CFA (between about US$50 and US$ 100) for simple rooms and suites, 85,000 CFA to 100,000 CFA (US$170 to US$ 200) for VIP apartments, Seme Beach appears to be a great value vacation seekers, given all that is included in the price (breakfast, private beach, fresh water pool etc.). Trips to nearby attraction organized by the hotel may cost extra, but that should be expected.

G. Pichop

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