WAZAL Couture: A Parisian haute couture interpretation of African elegance

For Paris based Cameroonian designer Ayissi Nga Joseph-Marie, fashion and design runs through blood lines. Not only was his father a tailor, he grew up amongst the pioneers of the Cameroonian fashion scene.


Growing up around fashion designer such as Imane Ayissi or Martial Tapolo, it was just logical that Ayissi Nga ended up launching his own fashion label. In 2005, he created WAZAL Couture. For Ayissi Nga, WAZAL is a concept that draws on audacity, respect and creativity, all of which he explains by his career experiences. The name WAZAL comes from the mix of the popular cameroonian national park Waza and the ‘L’ for Lion which are both great symbols of  Cameroon wild life. The Waza Park symbolises respect, and Lion, power.


Wazal cuts are futuristic and modern, following the latest trends, with designs from different colors and fabrics. From black, blue to ecru, to lambskin leather mixed with military camouflage, WAZAL Couture expresses the Parisian haute couture interpretation of African elegance. Ayissi Nga has found success in the Paris Fashion Scene, with celebrities such as Singuila, Alpeco, Wayne Beckford, Romarick Koffi and Lalcko regularly adorning his creations. In 2013, WAZAL Couture featured as special guest at the celebration of the Cameroonian youth day at the Cameroon Embassy in Paris. WAZAL Couture also scored a guest list appearance at the Elysée Palace Fashion Night Lounge in Paris, where he presented his three collections: Wazal Rock, Braguette Tété and Africafutur.


Wazal 2014/2015 collection can be reviewed and ordered on Wazal Couture online store.


Ayissi Nga Joseph-Marie founder of Wazal Couture

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