Camair-co sees 8% Growth in 2014 First Quarter Sales

CAMER-Co Boeing 767

Camair-Co’s Boeing 767 on the Yaoundé Nsimalen Runway

Cameroon Airlines Corporation (Camair-Co), the Cameroonian government owned commercial airliner has experienced an 8% growth in its sales. The airliner’s CEO, Frédéric Mbotto Edimo recently told the Government daily “Cameroon Tribune” that the company has witnessed “a rising trend in its sales” in 2014. He added that “passenger and freight sales” have experienced “8% in overall growth” since January 2014, while “flight regularity and timeliness are currently near 98%”.

This is all good news for the company whose performance has been shaky since its inception. The CEO also announced the implementation of an economic and financial recovery plan for the company proposed by the board of directors and approved by the Cameroonian government. The Cameroonian state owned airliner is also undergoing IOSA certification, which is expected to be completed “before the end of the year”. The Certification will enable “the opening of several opportunities for Camair-Co” including “entry into various professional bodies”.

The CEO, however, lamented Camair-Co’s financial situation, which has accumulated debts totalling 14 billion FCFA, as well as “the small size of the fleet” – three planes for domestic and international routes. “These two aspects need attention from the only company’s shareholder which is the State of Cameroon,” he said.

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