Nora Ndemazia Crowned Miss Cameroon USA

The 23 year-old Law student residing in New York won the Pageant in Maryland last April 5.

Cameroonian-born women are beautiful! Hundreds of Cameroonians and friends of Cameroon who thronged the Hampton Conference Center in Capitol Heights, Maryland, USA, on April 5, 2014, re-ascertained the fact while watching Miss Nora Ndemazia, a 23-year-old Law student at the City University New York, outsmart 10 other contestants to win the 2014 edition of the Miss Cameroon USA Pageant.

Mis Cameroon USA

Miss Cameroon USA-2014

The spectacular event that brought together the most beautiful Cameroonian-born women residing in the United States of America, mesmerized even members of the jury as the choice was indeed a tough one, according to press reports. The pageant saw the 11 contestants compete in various categories such as Public Speaking, Talent, Fashion and Interviews before the no-nonsense jury including veteran journalist, Eric Chinje, and an eager public, some of whom had flown into the USA to attend. Miss Heidi Time was first runner-up while Nadège Ngamne was second runner-up. Nora was crowned by outgoing Queen Larissa Ngangoum.


Daughter of Mr and Mrs Richard and Helen Fualefock, Nora Ndemazia was raised in Buea, chief town of the then South West Province. After graduating from the Seat of Wisdom College in Fontem, Lebialem Division, South West Region in 2009, she moved to the USA and settled in New York where she enrolled as a full time Law student at the City University of New York to realise her goal of becoming a successful corporate lawyer.

As new Miss Cameroon USA, Queen Nora’s mission is to reach out to orphans all over Cameroon to help them attain good education and well-being. Through her motto, “No Orphan Left Behind,” Nora stated her belief that every orphan child deserves the opportunities that children with parents have.

According to the organiser and Chief Executive Officer of the Miss Cameroon USA Pageant, Lady Kate Atabong Ndi, Queen Nora will represent Cameroon at the Miss Africa Pageant in August 2014 and will also be competing in the 2015 Miss Cameroon World Pageant in Yaounde for an opportunity to represent Cameroon in the Miss World competition.

Miss Cameroon USA is an initiative of Lady Kate Atabong Ndi who was recently appointed Commissioner for African Affairs by the Governor of the State of Maryland, USA.

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1 Comment on Nora Ndemazia Crowned Miss Cameroon USA

  1. Fualefock N. Richard // January 29, 2020 at 4:10 pm // Reply

    This is 7th child in my family. She is a beautiful and intelegent woman. She loves sports like me hence like father like daughter.

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