I am coming home: More diasporan cameroonians retuning home

It is no longer a secret! The number of Cameroonians returning home after migrating out of #237, either to further their studies or to seek a better life for themselves and their families, is rising. If there was still any doubt about it, this is an evidence that Cameroonians truly want to be home, rather than abroad.

Some seem to be doing rather well. A group of young creative Cameroonians have embarked in the mission to document the experiences of those that have chosen to return home and help build Cameron. This will be done though a brand new Video series called “The Returnees”! The production team promises to capture some of these Returnees’ stories in a series of video in which they share unique, personal and inspiring as well as challenging experiences. This inspirational video series is scheduled to be broadcasted nationwide in Cameroon and beyond! The Returnees are typically those who have studied and/or worked and lived in the Diaspora and have moved back home to help shape the future of Cameroon.

Miranda Oben

Miranda Oben, Creative Director.

Who are the returnees? Where are they returning from? What are they doing upon return? These are the questions that will be answered by those featured in the series. Check out the trailer below for a little taste of what to come. Make sure to check back here for more information about this new series.


2 Comments on I am coming home: More diasporan cameroonians retuning home

  1. This is great! Many are still to come and some of us have been home.

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