5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Cameroon with Family

By Ivy Ben Mun

Let’s set the scene: summer holidays are in full swing, the kids are bored to death and after another strenuous week of work, you are sitting in front of the computer, clicking, googling and scrolling up and down, website after website, with the hope of finding an exciting and relaxing spot to spend a week or two. You are fed up with those jam-packed amusement parks, you want to explore new cultures, get off the beaten-tracks, relax and give your family the opportunity to create lifetime memories. . . .

Well, we believe you will be relieved to know your “exciting spot” has been yearning to receive you: does the nickname ‘Africa in miniature’ ring a bell? Whatever the case may be, let CTM show you in five acts, that Cameroon is the place you and your family should head off to! So, as you continue reading, get some popcorn, a glass of your favorite drink, sit back and dream. Use the page numbers below to explore our five reasons why ou should visit Cameroon.

3 Comments on 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Cameroon with Family

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  2. Indeed Cameroon has limitless potential!!!

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