11 African American Male Celebrities Who Can Now Call Cameroon “Home” (Photo Gallery)

Our last articles (Verified! These 11 Famous American Women Are From Cameroon, Their DNAs show) generated a lot passion. For those familiar with our magazine, we have been covering African Americans that have tried to trace their lineage back to Cameroon since our beginning. While our last article inspired both positive and negative reactions, the enthusiasm generated by the piece has been and continuous to be tremendous. We have decided to present the male version of the article. We would like to point out that the lists presented in these articles are not exhaustive. They do not include people such as Ndamukong Suh, whose father is straight from Cameroon. They are just lists of individuals that have researched their previously unknown ancestry and have confirmed results, which have been publicized. Here are 12 American male celebrities that have traced their origins back to our country.

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18 Comments on 11 African American Male Celebrities Who Can Now Call Cameroon “Home” (Photo Gallery)

  1. Please these research should also be conducted to the loss people on the street. I am equally sure most of them are from Cameroon too

    • Please no no no!!! We don’t want more street people in Cameroon. We just want the most famous african americans. I suspect that given their success, they may be all Bamileke

  2. We have published testimonies from regular people would have traced their ancestry back to Cameroon in one of our print issues.

    You can also read the story of William Holland here:

  3. one2yallnwedontstop // June 3, 2015 at 10:57 pm // Reply

    Very cool! Us, African Americans, are a mixture of various tribes predominately originating from west Africa. That is one of the reasons we are called “African-American” instead of a particular area… Another being that when slaves were taken there were empire and kingdoms in Africa as opposed to “countries”… Anyways… I love this article. I’ve always wanted to know where my ancestors were taken so that I am able to connect with my ancestral homeland… ❤

    Africa will forever be the motherland ❤ Peace to my brothers and sisters in the motherland and to my ancestors! ❤

  4. Scholastica Mbah // June 10, 2015 at 1:11 am // Reply

    Jeremiah 29:10-14; the Lord says “When Babilonian 70yrs r over, I will show my concern for you n keep my promise to bring u back home. I de Lord knows the plans hv for you , plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plans to bring you the future you hope for. Then you will call me. You will come and pray to me, anď i will answer you. You will seek me and you will fine me because you will seek me with all your heart. Yes , I say, you will fine me and i will restore you to your land. I will gather you from every country and from every place that i have scattered you, i will bring you to the land from which i have sent you into exile”. Seek God , call on Him n he will restore you back to ur land. Don’t be discouraged, God has heard ur cry nwill eventually mk a way for you. Just trust Him for de best.

  5. Honestly we love all our black familly abroad but for those tribes who practiced slavery are a shame to today cameroonian.

  6. being also Bamileke I’m gonna assume that the moron up there that want to allow only rich African American in their ancestry home, is not one of our.
    that comment is so shocking

    Denise boutte, Marjean Holden, Chris Rock, Blair Underwood, Vanessa A Williams, CNN Walker Jones, Jackie Joyner-Kersey, Don Cheadle (Olympic athlete) , (Actor& tv) Meka Nichols, Susan Kidd (gospel singer) Eddy Murphy, Antony Anderson, Wesley Snipes, Quincy Jones, Whoopi Goldberg, Spike Lee, Lisa Aubrey, Cecilia Paris, Chelsea White, Jacque Reid, Condoleezza Rice, (senator) Vincent Hughes, (movies) Sheryl Lee Ralph, Taraji P Hansen, CC H Ponder, Nate Parker, Iris Wilson, (pastor) Duane Deaden-Mills, Carmen N’nandi, Regina Jackson, (rapper) Lee Payne, (raper) B Shell, Leroy Hamilton (Washington DC mayor) Lafayette Barnes, (senator) Kany David, Nicka Smith. this was the Camericans’s 2010 list

    Wanda Sykes (the most famous female US comedian) Mea Jemison (first black female astronaut) Barbara Lee James (counselor law), Stanley Vitz, Melvin Robinson (DG computer), Donnie Simpson, Antwone Fisher, Roheen De Vaughan, Roberta Black, Jasmyne Cannick, Measha Brueggergosman (tv host) Angela R.Llyod, Barbara Wilson, Tursha Hamilton, Kim Allums, Arie Kouandjo (football), Carey Booker (mayor),Flying Lotus (music), Joseph Lewery (pastor) Peter J.Gomez (preacher) Rashida Jones (actress, book author), Alfie Woodard (actress), Anita Woodley, Willaim Holland (genealogist) Noelle Quinn (basketball). Fahamu Pecou (hip hop), Karen Bass (US house), Ysaye Bamswell (actress)

    you’re all welcome back home.

  7. Baron A Osong // September 15, 2016 at 7:15 pm // Reply

    We are celebrating Cameroon Day this September 29th, 2016 in the Canon Caucus Hall in Washington DC at the Congress. These our fellow Cameroonian-American stars need to be informed and invited. Any way to get them involved? Thanks for this platform btw. My respect.

  8. This is great to narrow down the ethnic groups and tribes. (GED MATCH, DNA TRIBES/LAND..)… There are actual records, photos, documents, audio recordings of those enslaved, and so much evidence that the trade did happen. Unfortunately, yes quite a few Africans sold their own. But… some did try to fight it. It still does not wash away the torment, sexual assault, beatings, mental and verbal abuse…contd. There are newspapers written back then where the Europeans described the enslaved as “African N***** with dark skin… contd. There were Nword stores for when the ship actually arrived for innocent people to be sold… divided.. and split from their true identities and loved ones. The Masters made it their goal to rid anything Africa away from them. It was for control and to blind generations to come for whom they truly are/were. The supremacist labeled Africans as N words, women as wenches, to colored… then leading to our Grandparents marching and getting burned in churches, having burning crosses in yards, water hosed, fed to dogs, name it were fed of.. they knew their true identity… thats why the civil right leaders marched and boycotting to be legally recognized as African Americans. The social construct aka “Black” race was introduced around the 70s-80s… the black and proud movement wearing African attire to regain their stolen identities. Malcom X would frequent trips during this time to Africa for help. Sadly, he was taken. Nationality is where your citizenship is. No matter where thr trade took place, the African DNA has always remained. Many are still 100% African. Of course there are mixtures, but by assault. It should be noted in Africa that there are “mixed” people there due to colonization. Skin color is not a factor for ones “blackness”. The average Diaspora African can walk around Nigeria and blend right in. Your accent can give you away, but your look…still African. AAs are not the only ones that were enslaved. Don’t forget where Bob Marley, Rih, Nicki, Laz, and countless other “black” stars are from too. So, here we are today with advanced technology. These sites have helped abandoned, adopted, and more people find their relatives via DNA. DNA is very powerful and has helped solve cold case files and even paternity
    . Those whom are sadly uneducated will try to tell you, its not real when they can barely read or work a computer. Oprah would not take part in this if it were fake. Many are highly educated and street smart that are discovering their backgrounds. Its is wondetful. Continental Africans should know that you are not technically the first to do something in America. Africans have been here for ages fighting for civil rights so that all may come and prosper. It is still a battle. Sadly, the media has painted Africa and their descendants as negative. Africa is shown as being poor and needy. AAs are shown as thugs…which is not true. Martin, Rosa, Harriet, Bey, Michael Jackson, Condoleeza, Michelle, Denzel, Michael Jordan…the HBCUS (that many immigrant or 1st genetation Americans come to)…businesses, inventions, networks, radio, Motown, Rock n Roll (Chuck, Richard…), and much more are all NOT thugs. These many platforms were created by black (Africans) because of segregation. So, continental Africans you are the 1st from that perspective… but genetically Africans have been in not only America but other places for ages doing great things. Don’t let stereotypes divide everyone. Lets think about all of the unity we have from those who know their tradition first hand and those who created their tradition/inspire culture all over are working together. Issa Rae, Nigerian American writers who have written some popular AA movies, Nollywood and Hollywood working together, Drake working with Davido..and sooo much more. The beauty of African Americans, Afro-Caribbeans, and even Afro-Latinas have always paid homage to Africa. Even in thr 70s… 80s with Queen Latifah…tribe called Quest… 90s…to now… it is not cultural appropriation at all… AAs and the rest of the Diaspora are mixed with many tribes and countries…whether its kente…mud cloth…gyname…ect… its love…its showing African pride…help educate and help learn together… Africa has always lived within… the natural born rhythm, athletics, survivalist mentality, creative gifts…spicy foods…even hair braiding…not Asian nor Europeans have those special skills… you see Africa in Beyonce, Rihanna, Kendrick, Oprah…and even the kids on the streets…please dont act like the genetics have magically changed… just like Chinese…Japanese…will remain Asian all over the world… just like Irish, Italian.. will remain Europeans… African is no difference…AAs do have a culture… its created everyday… the foods..marching bands… AAVE just like Pidgin…the certain hairstyles…electric slide like afro juju…unique worshipping at church…stepping….breakdancing.. pop locking… soul r&b, rap, rock n roll, has inspired the entire planet…and has never been credited…just like reggae from the islands…. all different cultures and all different nationalities but still Africans… Africans unite… just like Europeans as whites blend in together to prosper… black people can do the same..we can help build each other up… please research..there are beautiful women like Sade who is Naija…to Halle in U.S.. there are handsome men like Idris (Ghana)… to Denzel in U.S..there are great singers.. artist… painters…fashion designers… we all are on American sites……there are no more excuses for ognorancy and division… Keep God 1st and much respect and peace.. all love!!!

  9. This is crap but I will like to find out if it was also done for the whites as well because there are some whites who should know where they came from like Donald Trump.I think this is just to let African Americans think America is not their home and they need to come back ton Africa.If that research was done only for blacks then its useless and has strings attached to it and I don’t belive the results.The blacks accepting they came from those countries as stipulated by the test are being brainwashed to think so.The whole damn thing is fake and a form of brainwashing thing

  10. They are Black Americans finish and America is their home and what is the meaning of ‘they can now call Cameroon their home?’

  11. I recently found out that my mother genetics indicate that she is from the Bamileke people of Cameroon and my father is from three tribes in Gabon. My question is how the names are derived and who names the children, mom or dad?

  12. In the Bamileke tribe of Cameroon, the father has the naming right. However, the child can be named after anyone on both sides of the family. In modern days, the Child’s name will be placed next to the father’s name, giving the child two last names.

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