African Fashion Week Toronto To Celebrate Alek Wek on August 16, 2015


Supermodel Alek Wek will receive the Excellence Award at the African Fashion Industry Award (AFIA 2015) this year in Toronto, Canada

For the third straight year, the diverse city of Toronto will be home to one of the fastest growing fashion event, the African Fashion Week Toronto (AFWT). For four days, Africa-inspired designers from Europe, North America and of course Africa will showcase their new creations in the City.

African Fashion Week Toronto (AFWT) is one of the most recognized fashion weeks in Canada. The program was established by the Fashion Ready Foundation in 2012. The Fashion Ready Foundation is a non-profit organization with a mandate to promote and advocate education of the fashion arts and business by providing scholarships and facilitating internships, mentorships and career programs to support growth and advancement within the global fashion industry. This multicultural platform supports Toronto’s unique and diverse cultural heritage while contributing to the fashion and tourism market of Canada.


Models on runway during the AFWT 2014

The African Fashion Week Toronto (AFWT) has developed into a nationally recognized event. AFWT continues to grow each season, creating a community of designers, models and industry professionals who contribute this unique experience. Participants will have the opportunity to attend events ranging from student designer competition, seminars, runway shows and the African Fashion Industry Awards Ceremony. Networking platforms are available to the participants during of the 4-day event. On Saturday, August 15th, #AFWT2015 will feature a series of high fashion runway showcases by the best Africa-inspired designers from Canada and around the world. London, UK’s own Adebayo “King of Couture” Jones returns this year with a stellar line-up of fashion pieces from his latest collection.


Models on the runway during the AFWT 2014

On Sunday (August 16th ), the 2nd Annual African Fashion Industry Awards (AFIA) will celebrate achievements in the African fashion industry. AFWT is excited to announce that this year #AFIA2015 will be honoring the legendary supermodel Alek Wek with the Model Excellence Award.  To learn more about the designers schedule, event program, and award ceremony, please visit:


AFWT 2014

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