While Waiting…

An Encouragement to Unmarried Single Cameroonian Women

While Waiting - Cameroon Traveler


My D-day has come!

I met a wonderful man, GOD fearing, loving, romantic, and handsome. He’s got a great job too! Now, my family will finally see how valuable I am when they see how much he appreciates my efforts! Now, my family will respect me more. Many of my Cameroonian sisters out there who are yet to tie the knot have had similar imaginations.

We still struggle with the little, and sometimes, huge nuances of being unmarried. Many cultures in Cameroon frown at being single at a certain age. Concerns are sometimes voiced subtly. At other times, there is outright yelling, crying, complaining by parents and relatives at how disappointed they are, and how they would looovveeeeee to have their grandchildren around. How can we forget the prayer requests? The worst part is when some ladies are led to believe that without a man they are not worthy of respect, nor can they be appreciated for their talents. It must go through a man first!

What is a girl supposed to do? Two things come to mind. The first option is to scream right back, become violent, rebellious and so on. This reaction is by far the most common because — let’s face it — the frustrations’ got to be released on way or the other.

The second option is to have faith in GOD. Of course, not everyone is a Christian I know, but seriously, you ought to have faith in someone bigger, wiser and stronger than you. Everyone needs a hero.

So, while waiting… how about looking for something fun to do… besides drinking and so on. Perhaps writing songs, joining an exercise group, learning something new or learning the newest makeup techniques. You might even need it soon! Giving up is not an option.

Peace to all my beautiful Cameroonian sisters! 🙂

Love, Meg!

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