While Waiting… Part II

The “I am Not Sure What We Are” Type of Relationship

© wavebreakmediamicro / 123RF

© wavebreakmediamicro / 123RF

Some of the types of relationships one engages in when single have always left me pensive. From the straight-up boyfriend/girlfriend to the just friends and so on, these relationships all seem good and may be satisfying to some extent. However, they always seem to leave a vacuum; the desire to be a Mrs. Somebody.

The most confusing thing for many single ladies out there, I suppose, is the “I am not sure what we are” type of relationship. Let me describe it and, perhaps, you can figure out a name for yourself. Mr. Nice Guy meets nice Ms. Single Lady. The two click so well, get along even better and love to spend time with each other. They both look forward to their meetings and talk endlessly about everything, without getting bored. Mr. Nice Guy loves another girl, which makes Ms. Single Lady –who, by the way, is not romantically attracted to Mr. Nice Guy– begin to wonder about their relationship. This is when the “what is this?” question takes residence in her mind.

Even though Ms. Single Lady is not romantically attracted to Mr. Nice Guy, she wouldn’t mind getting into a serious, and possibly, long-term relationship with him, which could lead to marriage. However, it just doesn’t happen.

I am not sure how to call this type of relationship. Maybe we could call it the “almost perfect marriage that wasn’t” or the “almost perfect relationship” or even the “maybe more would come” type of relationship. The point I am making is the following: this type of relationship, though quite fascinating, confusing and sometimes even distressing, can sometimes bring a lot of joy to the single lady. It is one way to appreciate being appreciated, without feeling the pressure of someone trying to get into some monkey business. Not that some of my sisters out there would mind the latter part one bit. This type of relationship, for me, is an opportunity to be honest with someone else besides yourself, and not be scared of losing points.

This kind of friendship gives single ladies a certain glow and confidence, unlike the long, depressive, tear-filled days of “oh LORD, why am I not married?

This type of relationship is needed. They bring joy into the lives of ladies and gives them hope that someone, somewhere, appreciates them. I know that it might sometimes hinder hook-up chances. When handled with care, cherished and respected, the “I am not sure what this is” type of relationship will boost your morale. It will put a precious smile on your face, especially when you are not sure who is checking you up. You just might cause someone to fall, headlong, in love with you and beg to take you down the aisle – all because of your smile 🙂

Written by Meg

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