Afroshic Design: The Expressions of Reneta Ndisang’s Diary of a Happy Woman

 Reneta’s Sexy, Sassy and Sensational Design

Reneta Ndisang: CEO of Afroshic Design

Reneta Ndisang, a young Cameroonian lady with flair and creativity is the mind behind Afroshic Design. As a young designer, Reneta is very talented and let it show through her creations. She was born in Buea a small town in Cameroon. She loved colors and love drawing growing up, but never knew what she was going end up in clothing and fashion design. As a teenager, she realized that she wanted to be involved in fashion but did not know how to get into it. She finally had the chance in her early 20s and took the opportunity.
Reneta is a young woman who wants to revolutionize the fashion industry in Cameroon. She has met and has respect for great designers like Mesanga fashion ouse, Kirette Couture, Alvine Demanu and TuMai. Reneta is the first young designer futured in Cameroon Traveler Magazine. We plan to feature a young designer in each one of our issues.

CTM:  Who is Afroshic Design?

Reneta:Afroshic is a feminine fashion brand. Afroshic, as it sounds, has its own definition in the world of fashion. Afro not only because I love my continent,

The Sassy Girl

Afroshic Design “Diary of a Happy Woman”: The Sassy Girl

but also because I use the Ankara (African prints) Fabric especially Daviva, Wax and Shic, the “S” in shic stands for Sexy, Sassy and Sensational. That is who Afroshic is.

CTM: Where are you based and where can somebody buy your designs?

Reneta: [laugh] I am based in Cameroon for the meantime. However, you can shop for my designs through our website and our Facebook page. Our website is located at We are working o-n revamping the website to include a more convenient and appealing storefront. In addition, we are also trying to see how we can set up a brick-and-mortar (physical) store. When you find what you want on the website, you can simply shoot us an email ( and we will make arrangements to deliver it to you.

CTM: What are some of your accomplishments?

The Sumptuousl Girl

Afroshic Design “Diary of a Happy Woman”: The Sumptuous Girl

Reneta: This question sounds good to me. I would not say we have accomplished much, but the little we have done has made me proud and I thank God for it. I have been honored to dress some of the contestants for Miss West Africa Cameroon 2011 pageant finals. I have also been nominated for the 2012 Cameroon Entertainment Awards in the designers of year category. The winners will be announced later this year. I also did take part in the London Fashion Finest Competition in June 2012. This was a competition for designers which saw the participation of many from around the globe. At the end of day, only one of them had to be crowned. It was an honor to be included in the competition’s top five.

 CTM: What is your take on fashion and design industry in Cameroon?

Reneta: I’d say the industry is growing compared to the past years. We see great talent and passionate fashion designers grow by the days, from young to old. I have taken part in some shows throughout Cameroon and yes, I believe we “got it” as far as fashion is concerned. I know that by the end of 2013 (and I am not going too far), Cameroon fashion will start taking over other countries. We will have people coming here to buy our products. Afroshic being on the list will be huge its followers and consumers.

CTM: What projects are you working on right now?

Reneta: For now, I am working on my collection “DIARY OF A HAPPY WOMAN.” I was inspired by my mum and some other women around me. Also I wanted to show these through my work.

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CTM: What is the “Diary of a Happy Woman”?

Reneta:The Diary of a happy woman is a great story about an elegant and pretty woman, who for all reasons never saw a need to stop what she was doing. This woman keeps a

The Uptown Girl

Afroshic Design “Diary of a Happy Woman”: The Uptown Girl

pretty smile every day in her life, regardless of what she is going through. She is not perfect, but whenever she stumbles, she wakes up, dust herself off and move on with the same smile on her face. Most women I have seen never do that. Once they fall, they act as if their lives had ended. I got inspired by the energy of the powerful and happy women. Whenever I fall, I always wake up and try again. I think of that smile, which gives me the power to stand to the truth and to the passion of what I believe in. I want to say thanks to these and other women. A woman should let a man, or any other issues make her feel inferior. Instead you should stand firm and say to yourself:  “I can do it.” I love these words! What a man can do, a woman can do it even better.

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  1. i love what u do.u would enjoy checking on some of the designs i have here with me.big ups to u.

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