Miss Beach Contest Brings Fun To Limbe

No more excuse for not taking that vacation and drive to Limbe. With its pristine chocolate colored beaches, fresh fishes, numerous attractions such the botanic garden, the wildlife reserve, the mount Cameroon volcano aches, and ruins of the ancient slave port among others, Limbe has always been a prime vacation spot for those looking either for the perfect gateway or just a fun filled vacation spot. But many have been concern with the lack of other entertainment activities. Seme Beach Hotel’s management has, however stepped up their game by transforming their modest facilities into more than just a hotel on a beach.

Contestants visiting the Limbe wildlife Centre


Valerie k. Ayem, Miss Beach 2013

Valerie k. Ayem, Miss Beach 2013

With an assortment of activities that are organized year long, Seme Beach Hotel has positioned itself as the place to be when you want to spend a weekend full of fun in Cameroon. One of those events is the beach party that the hotel has gotten its guests used to. It is during one of these parties that the hotel’s Director (Mr. Yann Anoko) and a couple of his collaborators thought of little gimmick that would spice things up a little bit. They thought that they could organize a contest among the female guests attending the beach party, and crown the one with the best combination of look, intelligence, attitude and demeanor as “Miss Beach”. Five years and five editions later, the competition is on the verge on becoming a national event.

The 5th edition of the Miss Beach Competition took the organizers to more than 6 cities nationwide in order to select the 20 contestants that finally made it to Limbe for the finals (on May 12, 2013). The event that drew a large crowd of people from every walk of life consisted of performances of not only the contestants but confirmed headlined by the program’s official face, Queen Eteme, a nationally acclaimed Bikutsi artist amongs other. At the end of the day, a new miss was crowned, and her responsibilities include promoting Cameroon tourism by bringing to spotlight the most exciting tourist attractions that Cameroon has to offer. Next year’s contest is already shaping up to be even bigger and more entertainment. You should already make plans to be among the crowd that will witness to rise of a new Miss Beach!




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