Interview: Stanley Enow After Winning at the AMA

Our girl Ivy was in South Africa to witness Stanley Enow win his first AMA. Always on the forefront of everything, Ivy was the very first to interview S.E. for her blog Creative and Moving.

Stanley burst into the music scene with his first single “Hein Père“, which has propelled him into the African Music Scene and earned him collaborations with other international rap artist such as F.A.B. He has then followed this single where a second equally popular “TumbuBoss“.

In this Interview, Stanley announces his next single, which will be entitled N’gaoundéré, and as usual will feature the same popular playground songs that every Cameroonian has grown with.

Stanley is obviously very rooted into his Cameroonian culture, and though people  call him the Cameroonian Lil Wayne, he is a true Cameroonian hip-hop artist.

We have posted the entire video interview in this post for you to enjoy!

Big Up to Ivy, and Thank you Stanley!

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